A great question I saw on Facebook today and I’m paraphrasing it…
“Why do people find it so necessary to decide what is acceptable or unacceptable about other people’s appearance and/or physicality? What pleasure do people derive from being hurtful to others? I just have a hard time understanding that. That’s just messed up!”
Here’s what came to mind in pondering those questions:
Their motive for “being hurtful to others” is just be a way of diverting their own unhappiness about something in their own life and projecting that  on to others. What I’ve found is that people who really love themselves don’t usually spend time looking for ways to be critical or judgmental of other people’s appearances.
Have you heard the expression: ‘hurting people hurt people’? People who are hurting inside will often find ways to be hurtful to others. When someone is purposefully setting out to say or do hurtful things to someone else… it’s because they are hurting. So when we criticize and judge them for being hurtful, we are in essence doing the same thing. We are now judging them for judging others. It’s all judgement. No matter which way you cut it.
Sacred Living is choosing to love those who judge others and thereby contributing to less judgment.
P.S. Sometimes we can spot a wounded place in ourselves by noticing how the judgment of others on a particular topic triggers us. In this scenario it’s weight and body types. Possibly also when we are triggered by other people being judgmental it’s simply a mirror for how much we loathe our own judgementalism.