I’m not always 100% clear on what I want and I’m ok with that. I’d be lying if I said that I always know what I want all the time. Sometimes I think I do. Sometimes I’m sure I do. Then at other times I throw my hands up in the air and say: Whatever!!  I guess I have no idea what I want. That’s usually followed by a nasty look upward.

Sometimes I have absolute clarity and it works out the way I thought it would. Sometimes I think I have absolute clarity and it doesn’t work out the way I thought it would. Sometimes I’m sure I know exactly what I want but when presented with an option I’m willing to change my plan.  Like buying a car last year. I thought I knew what I wanted and I had a picture of it on my dream board however when my nephew suggested another vehicle, I was fine with that. I trusted his experience and input. He’s in the industry and he seems to know his stuff.  Though it’s not the vehicle that I would have even considered (a Volkswagen) it’s a great car with features I didn’t even know existed and I feel safe and confident driving again. That was really what I wanted actually, to feel safe and confident driving at night and in adverse condition. I just thought I knew which car would give me that feeling.   I didn’t discount  my nephew’s suggestion just because it didn’t match what was on my dream board and I don’t feel I compromised what I had on my dream board by making another choice. I believe there can always be a better plan than mine.

With pretty much anything that I do put on my vision board, or with anything that is on my heart, I’m always open to Spirit having another better plan. So when I think I’m clear on what I want I also have an agreement in place with the Universe that I’m flexible and that I’m open for debate, negotiation or compromise should there be something even BETTER that I can’t see right now. I’m even open now to my plan taking a sharp turn to the left without being invited into the discussion and with no call from the Universe first to negotiate on it. Getting to that point took a while.

So when  things don’t turn out in the short or long term from my perspective in regards to what I thought I wanted (or sometimes doesn’t even resemble at all what I thought I wanted)  I find comfort in knowing that I  gave permission to Spirit to intercede. I have free will and I know how to use it : )

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I had my A-HA moment around this however I’m going to guess that  it was maybe 8 years ago. I was listening to Joyce Meyer (a strong southern Evangelical preacher who has pushed all of my former big religious buttons)  and she was explaining that when you back up your plans with the possibility of an even better plan should yours not work, that you can never lose. There’s no option for a worse plan. There’s only an option for my plan or a better plan that I can’t yet see but that the Universe from it’s broader perspective can.

Failure of my plan is an option for me however only because I know that if my plan fails .. there’s a better one around the corner. That feels so good for me. It’s like having a back up insurance policy on my plans. And make no mistake, I absolutely believe this to be true for me.

Is it truth with a capital T? Is it a Universal principle that works for everyone? I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I’ve made it my truth and it works for me and gives me so much peace of mind and heart. So on most things I really work at remaining open and flexible as long as the alternative plan is better than what I was holding out for.

Having said that I do have a very short list of non-negotiables, no compromising…not open for discussion “things”. The Universe is aware of my list. I’ve presented my list with a firm ” Hey.. listen up. I’m talking to you!” (with all due respect)

Feeling unhappy and unfulfilled are not an option.  Not feeling on purpose is just not an option for me. Not being of service through my gifts is not negotiable for me. Living life with drama and chaos is not an option for me.  I will not compromise my inner peace so if something is troubling me, I will use that as clear inner guidance that it’s time to move back in the direction of feeling at peace.  Feeling scared about my life and my future is not an option for me when it comes to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or financial well being.

I can be a willow and be flexible and go with the flow on some things but when it comes to my well being, I feel solid as a rock even when I don’t know what it is that I want. For me failure is an option. I have insurance or I guess it’s inner-surance.