Dear Personal and Spiritual Development Enthusiast,

I have never been as excited about any book as I am about this one.

Sacred Living vs. Living Scared E-Book

by Monique MacDonald

Making choices that are rooted in love… not fear

Sacred Living vs Living Scared E-Book


I have really enjoyed your book and have read it 4 times now and it’s covered in sticky notes.

Jenny Megale

I had not finished reading the book and I was already quoting it.

Alfred Petterson

President, Plexus Pink

I just finished reading the book and it is AWESOME.  I have been a lifetime reader and your book is unique in many ways.

Angie Reginato

Each page is filled with insights, wisdom and warmth. A fabulous bedside book.

Annette Sharpe

Owner, Growing For Success


And that’s just a small “taste” of what’s in store for you.

The book’s extraordinary power to transform your life is the reason it has become so popular so quickly.

Soon after reading this book you will…

  • Experience a renewed sense of confidence
  • Feel a sense of direction begin to enter your life
  • You will begin to understand how and why you react and do the things you do
  • Begin experiencing less judgement towards yourself and others

It’s like my bible. I read a piece of it everyday.

Carolyn Buzdegan

I cannot stress how powerfully this book will affect you if you allow the teachings

into your life. There is no other book quite like this anywhere.

What started as a small number of readers is growing rapidly day by day.

You will want to share it with others after you read it.

Well written and easy to understand.

Raywyn M. Erickson, RScP

Perhaps now you are beginning to see why this book is causing such a stir. It will cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life, on every level.

The energy and wisdom in this book are powerful and moving.

Caroline Williamson

Corporate Consultant

In Conclusion….

If I am correct, this book is exactly what you need, right now!

I sincerely hope to hear from you as soon as possible, so that you can have the success

you so richly deserve.


Jacqueline Ledet





Sacred Living vs Living Scared E-Book