I was reading a blog post today about finding your purpose. Then I read this woman’s comment to the blog. I’ve shortened it just so you get the gist of it. She says:

“On New Year’s eve my husband asked me extremely annoyed ‘what is your aim in life?’ I was just lost for words or thoughts. I am a housewife taking care of our 2yr old kid. I feel like my husband thinks that I should work again and that will be my aim in life. But I don’t think it will be because even when I worked it didn’t really feel like I was achieving my aim in life.”

Well those of you who know me can only imagine that I wanted to reach into cyberspace and find this woman and give her some guidance. I don’t know blogging etiquette so I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to offer some advice to her in someone else’s blog. The writer didn’t respond to her comment.. no direction for her… no words of encouragement…Her comment is lying there among 10 other comments.  Here’s what I want to tell her. First lets find out what your innate gifts are..then let’s find out what is meaningful to you and look at how those 2 can be combined. It’s not about achieving an aim in life.. how would you know if you have? It’s about feeling on purpose and noticing when you do and when you don’t. If she feels on purpose right now being a full time at home mom then she can let her husband know that she is currently fulfilling her aim in life now. When she feels like she wants something more than that, then from a well informed position of power she can make choices that will allow her to do something else that feels on purpose. There is no ONE aim to achieve in life and there is no ONE purpose.  If I believed that I only had one aim in life.. one purpose.. being what I’m doing now, what message would that send to my kids? That raising them was OK but not purposeful? What would that say about my 30 years as a nurse? That it was just a job and I had no purpose in being there? Ok.. I’m going back to that blog and reaching out to her.