Meet Monique

Monique MacDonald
Author, Trainer and Shift Disturber

Where did it all start?

monique-eidt1Monique’s life changing moment happened when she was standing in front of an elevator in the middle of a grueling 12-hour  ICU shift where she worked as a Registered Nurse. She remembers thinking “Is this it? Is this what I’m meant to do until I’m 65? I have two hands, two feet, I’m bright, I have a big heart, and a strong will. I could do ANYTHING! Is this my destiny?”  She later realized it was God, not herself, she was asking and from that moment on, her entire world began to change. Nothing in her life seemed like a fit anymore. She was confused about her job, her marriage, her life.

By a twist of fate, not long after this realization, she was put  on the path of creating the Sacred Gifts program. For several years she studied, researched and trained in every way she could on the topic of  gifts and she came to realize her own gift of teaching and coaching. She became inspired and driven to help others live into the power of knowing and activating their gifts. This was not the plan she had for her life however she knew if she ignored the clear signs being shown to her she would likely regret it.

What sets Monique apart?

Most people are surprised at how hilarious and down to earth Monique is given her highly intuitive and deeply spiritual nature. She is an example of someone who truly embraces all of who she is while following her calling. Monique is a dedicated student of life and draws inspiration from many gifted teachers and spiritual guides.

Monique is committed to helping you on your path of self awareness. She is truly a “shift disturber.” She has taught thousands of people how to discover and activate their Sacred Gifts. She has coached and mentored hundreds of people around the world.  Monique is a highly intuitive coach who receives insights and what she calls “downloads” when in session with you. She is masterful at helping you change non serving perspectives and releasing blocks that prevent you from getting what you want in your life. She is a consultant to visionaries however if you don’t have a clue about what even your next step is, Monique can help clear the fog so that you can confidently step forward.