I pray that the dentist who killed Cecil the lion has a complete conversion of heart and dedicates the rest of his life to putting a stop to trophy hunting. This could possibly be the only good that ever comes from this story.

Shaming is the worst form of punishment. Shame has the lowest vibration on the scale of consciousness. Shame is vibrationally proximal to death and suicide which is why it is used to punish.

This dentist has been shamed.

Lets use the power of our collective consciousness to raise his vibration to where he can now do some good with all this. I hope that the words of Michael Jacksons song Man In The Mirror rings true for him. ” I’m looking at the man in the mirror.. I’m asking him to change his ways..


If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change.” Killing another living animal for sport may make someone feel powerful and satisfied on some level but it would never make you feel on purpose. Feeling on purpose requires you to be doing something that is rooted in love…not ego.

You can read more about Cecil here.