Differentiate Yourself From Other Coaches By Becoming A


Sacred Gifts Certified Guide


Are you passionate about making a difference?


Are you a coach or do you have the heart of a coach?


Are you involved in consulting work with businesses or teams?

Then it’s time to consider…


The Sacred Gifts Certification Training

  Start earning an income doing what you love while inspiring and uplifting others to their best life. Whatever you do to empower others also empowers you. Understanding your Sacred Gifts and living aligned with them can change your life. With the tools taught in this training, you’ll become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. As we go deeper and deeper into the subject matter you will gain greater clarity of your own gifts and their impact. This will then allow you to better understand the gifts of your clients. If you work with teams or do any kind of business consulting, you can use your skills as a Certified Guide to help decrease friction, judgment, and frustration between partners, co-workers or team members of any kind. You’ll be taught the step-by-step process and will follow two very easy to use templates and systems that guide you and your clients toward successful outcomes.  

Imagine using your own Sacred Gifts to help others find theirs  

As a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide you will:

  • Guide individuals through the Sacred Gifts inventory process successfully
  • Facilitate effective breakthrough calls with individuals or groups using a proven template and process- even as a beginner
  • Leverage your time and newly acquired training to earn income doing something you love
  • bring meaning and a sense of purpose to others by walking them through the unique Feel on Purpose Formula
  • be a catalyst for the positive transformation of others
  • stand out in your coaching or practitioner career by offering this unique process to your clients
  • empower people in ways that will fill your heart to the brim
  • be part of an exclusive community of guides from around the world


Coaches can move clients seamlessly through discovering their gifts to their own coaching program or visa versa. You do not, however, need to be a coach to become a Certified Guide.  All you need is to have the heart of a coach and a passion to positively affect the lives of others and a willingness to share your own gifts.




Other certification programs charge as much as $7000. If I add up the time, energy and effort put into creating this program over many years, I know it would add up to a cost that far exceeds this….




However, I’m not going to charge you a tuition of $7,000 nor $5,000 nor $3,000…..


Our Certification training is only $2,497

The next Certification Training begins February 20th, 2018.  All trainings are by Zoom Conferencing at 12 pm PST and will be recorded.  If you don’t want to wait until then and you want to get started right away, please email me directly at monique@yoursacredgifts.com. We are accepting a few of the right individuals for a specialized individual training program during the summer months.

Training starts Tuesday February 20th at Noon PST and run every week for 14 weeks at noon PST, ending May 22nd  2018.


Benefits of Training From Home


  • Participate no matter where you live.
  • All calls are recorded therefore you can listen and learn at your own pace.
  • All you need is a desire to be a powerful catalyst for change for others and to improve yourself in the process.
  • Training also consists of live calls with Monique and Dana to answer questions and provide the support you need as you proceed in your training.

Requirements To Complete Certification:

  • You first must either attend the Discover Your Sacred Gifts workshop or have completed the Guided Sacred Gifts Audio series
  • Listen to all the recorded training calls
  • Be available for weekly live check-in calls
  • Guide 4 individuals successfully using the step-by-step Level 1 template
  • Guide 6 individuals or small groups successfully using the step-by-step Level 2 template
  • Weekly assignments completed


Upon completion you receive:


  • A beautiful Certificate of Completion
  • Guidelines for advertising
  • The Sacred Gifts Certified Guide logo for use your website
  • A listing on our website including your photo, name and where you live
  • Access to a Facebook community group for Certified Guides only
  • Permission to use our materials

Monique, I had to send you this as it so underlines EXACTLY why I am doing this Certification and why I will forever be grateful to you for bringing me to this place. I love this work. Bless you over and over and over again! This is my clients 4th and final call so tomorrow I will be officially done my first Level 2 client!

Here’s what my client sent me:  “Mary, I just finished the program and honestly don’t think I can wait until Sunday to have the follow up call with you. I feel empowered and man-oh-man this energy is just about ready to BURST out of me.” 

Becoming a Certified Guide has been the best decision for me.

Mary Jefford

Healing Practitioner

The Certification program gave me a complete system for helping my clients identify what was unique and special about them. Once my clients see how amazing they are, they can confidently go forward in their business and lives, sharing their purpose and passion with everyone that is meant to receive it

Melanie Schroeder


Register for the  Certification Program

I look forward to working with you and setting you up for total success with your clients so that you can have significant impact in their lives. I get this feedback over and over again from the clients that our Guides in training are working with. The program is designed for you to feel confident and equipped to do this amazing work.


Our vision is to revolutionize how people find a sense of purpose and positively transform their lives as a result. By being one or our Certified Guides, you become a part of that vision. This teaching can stand alone with your clients or be incorporated as a tool into whatever your practice is.


Warm regards,
Monique MacDonald


Important Information:


There is an annual $49 renewal fee charged after the first year to keep your certification current. The renewal fee ensures you receive updated materials as they become available.


Refund Policy: Full refund available for only 7 days after purchase.


If you must cancel your registration and it is more than 7 days since you registered, you have the option of joining the next scheduled training program, or the funds can be applied toward other products or services we offer.