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Discover Your Sacred Gifts

“This was invaluable. The fog is lifting and I see a clear blue sky in my future. Thank you.” ~ Linnea

“Mind blowing! Thanks for rescuing me and putting
me back on my life path.” ~Alexandra

This New Audio Series Was Created In Order For You To:

  • Discover Your Sacred Gifts without the cost and time of traveling to a live event

  • Enjoy the freedom of discovering YOUR Sacred Gifts at your own pace

  • Have the option of Discovering Your Sacred Gifts with your own organization, team or staff in your own group setting.

  • Do a refresher if you already did the course many years ago

  • Gift it to someone you love who you know would appreciate and benefit from it

Over the years the response has been phenomenal to the teachings of Sacred Gifts. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories and testimonies of lives that have been changed. Have a listen to what Jan has to say about how discovering her gifts has changed her life.

Click here to listen to Jan's testimonial

- Jan Janzen
Author & Entrepreneur




...and here is what others have told me after discovering their Sacred Gifts.

“This Sacred Gifts program is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself. The information and wisdom I’ve gained is having a profound effect on me, freeing me from erroneous beliefs, and now I am living in my truth. Thank you Monique for living your Gift as a teacher.”~ Martha

“This program was VERY valuable. Among other things, I gave my notice last week and will be leaving my dreaded job at the end of July.” ~Lynn

"This is powerful! Thank you from my core." ~Gwen

"What I got was more than I could have wished for... direction, joy, peace. I will be telling everyone I know." ~Yvonne

This comprehensive downloadable MP3 Audio Series contains:

• An Introduction to Sacred Gifts
• Human-ness vs. Being-ness
• The Characteristics of Sacred Gifts
• The Signs of a Sacred Gift being present
• Detailed Descriptions and Examples of Each of the 24 Sacred Gifts
• Instructions on How to Complete Your Sacred Gifts Inventory
• What Sacred Gifts mean in Your Life
• Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Sacred Gifts
PLUS a powerful releasing process that has been recorded for you that will help awaken your gifts and remove blocks and negative programming that hold you back from your greatness

You’ll also receive:

• The Sacred Gifts Assessment Tool, Score Sheet and Key
• A Companion Guide on all 24 Sacred Gifts
• Simple worksheets (optional in the program)

If you prefer to learn through listening then the audio series will give you all you need.

If you are a note taker and you enjoy written exercises as well, we have included those too.

You’ll discover:

• What Sacred Gifts are
• Why they’ve been placed in you
• Which Sacred Gifts you likely have
• How to identify Sacred Gifts in others
• Which Sacred Gifts you likely DON’T have – very freeing!
• How to tell the difference between a skill, talent and Gift
• Why Sacred Gifts can be in complete contrast to your personality or lifestyle
• Why you can be so effective for others in certain ways and yet your own life can seem totally screwed up.
• What tools you have in your tool box and how to use them
• …..and much more

The entire program will be downloaded to you and then you can determine how quickly or slowly you want to listen to it.

You will want to listen to your audio files again and again as each time the teachings will reach you at a deeper and deeper level. This program was created with the intention that you will not see yourself or anyone else in the same way ever again. YOU have Sacred Gifts. It’s time to awaken them! The world needs your gifts now and you need to start having more fun.


I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on individual personal development programs and my vision with Sacred Gifts has always been that my programs would be completely affordable.

This Audio Series is valued at $497 but is yours for $147 (Canadian.

If you are ready to Discover Your Sacred Gifts then go ahead and order now.

"This is the definitive program to discover your Gifts."
T. Harv Eker, Author of N.Y. Times #1 Bestseller
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind